SRAM. Info Page Welcome to the Bruder Toys America Service Station. We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality toys without the use of glues or screws. ... Thank You!Bruder Spare Parts Department. Contact us. Contact us Bruder Toys America. 4950 West 145th Street, Hawthorne, California , USA. 877-450-5152 ext 3702. Our. Description. The Schäffer loader is perfectly suitable for high delivery outputs in confined spaces. It can handle it all—agricultural, industrial, landscaping and gardening purposes. The vehicle features operational, articulated joint steering, loading arm and bucket, just like in the original. Solid anti-roll bars protect the Bworld figure. These are the latest Bruder developments for 2022. There will again be fascinating innovations from BRUDER in 2022... Explore them now. Discover the full BRUDER world in our shop. bworld motorcycle service. Item no. 62102. 28,95€ / Including VAT. Go to product. RAM 2500 Power Wagon including Ducati Desert Sled.

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